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Solution Management

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Project Management

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Solution Management

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• Vendor Management

Solution Management

AceTech's solution management can help you by moving portion or all of the software development and maintenance to teams, located on-site, on-shore or off-shore. That will allow you to focus on core business objectives.

We will analyze your project, its nature, size and complexity, and propose a solution that fits your needs and budget. We will form teams of highly qualified specialists, introduce you to developers with proven track records in the US, Europe or Asia, assist your fact-finding team, and negotiate the most favorable rates on your behalf. We will help you maximize your investment, reducing your cost and risk. AceTech will also perform the project management service for your project.

Vendor Management

Our solution management methodology uses a vendor manager as a main point of project contact. A professionally certified and experienced project manager, who possesses the right skills and is familiar with the tools and techniques for successful vendor management, will be accountable to your organization. The vendor manager coordinates project activities between the development team/s and the client, and works from the client’s side on projects, requiring intense interaction on a continual basis.

The technical teams and team managers can be located anywhere in the world. Regular weekly conference calls and status reports keep the clients in control.

There are undisputable benefits in utilizing off-shore developers:

• Gaining global access to highly qualified specialists
• Reducing costs by 20% to 50%
• Freeing resources to focus on critical projects
• Improving time to market with 8-20 hour per day development
• Maintaining legacy systems while developing new applications in new environments
• Increased flexibility

AceTech brings experience, tools and processes to help you avoid the challenges, usually associated with off-shore vendors. Our technology, project/vendor management, and business expertise assures a successful development program, maximizing the benefits and reducing the risks.